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Service Description

A PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line is a long, thin, flexible tube that starts at a peripheral vein in the arm and the tip ends in a large vein near the heart. It is used for long-term intravenous (IV) treatments that include chemotherapy, antibiotics, and parenteral nutrition. A PICC line may be used for several weeks or months depending on the prescribed treatment duration. The PICC line is guided to a precise location in the the large central vein using FDA approved technology which eliminates the need for a chest X-ray to confirm placement*. The PICC is secured in place to maintain the tip in the precise location then the site covered with an antimicrobial disc and a clear dressing. The line may have a single or multiple lumen(s), or channel(s), that allow for one or more medications to be given at the same time. The Best PICC mobile insertion offers a safe and efficient option instead of expensive, inconvenient, and time consuming hospital visit for quality vascular access service. *Pt's not in sinus rhythm will need to have chest X-ray to confirm tip location.

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